The Web Advertising Network

The web ad industry has created a number of proven business models that uniquely combine the worlds of traditional advertising and high technology. Chief among these is the advent of web advertising networks-companies that act as brokers to unite web advertisers and web publishers (the buyers and sellers of web advertisements). These networks acquire and aggregate advertising inventory from web sites (typically each page view, or impression, offers at least one ad placement opportunity) and sell them to online advertisers on their behalf. Web advertising networks such as adagency1 simplify the acts of buying and selling for both the advertiser and the web publisher.

adagency1 Customers

Advertisers: A diverse set of advertisers use the adagency1 to maximize the reach, response and results of every campaign. adagency1 advertising clients include Gevalia, IOweYou Project, and PromoAddigital. contact us

Publishers: adagency1 consists of over 100 web sites, is divided into 12 categories, including: Business to Business, Careers and Employment, Health Entertainment, Family, International, Learning, Shopping, Sports, Travel and Women. apply today